Friday, 11 January 2008


Too ill to actually write anything sensible, those who are expecting me to keep in touch: it will have to wait until I am better, sorry (one apology for all of you here). I can barely think due to fever. Meh. Multiple meh.


  1. That blows chunks...hmmmm, maybe not the best thing to say in response to one being sickly.
    Well in any case, I hope you recover quickly and give the weekend a kick in the tookus!

  2. I hope you feel better!

  3. Thanks guys - luckily the "Wheres mah bukkit!?" stage didn't last more than a couple hours, most of it has been/is fevered delusions and weariness. But I have been awake for some hours now - wish I had access to a sauna to sweat out the rest of it.

    This is actually the first time ever I've had the stomach flu. Guess this means I don't have the immunity mutation... meh.

  4. Put on a hoop skirt and straddle a heater vent. That'll sauna half of ya' anyway.


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