Tuesday, 27 November 2007


I managed to put the metal spike of one of these plastic files through my hand at work. It is bleeding and the bandage in unwieldy, but I can move all fingers (apart from the bandage stopping the movement of course). That is, it is bleednig if I remove the compress but it isn't as long as I have it tied on. I guess I am alright. Going to rinse it with something bug-killing soon and tie on a clean bandage.

This however means I cannot make christmas cards or stuff like that until I can get rid of the bandage. Damn. Not good! I have a deadline set by! :/

Well. I guess I will live. I'll watch discovery travel&living and feel sorry for myself.

Oh and another bad thing. My newish boots died and I had thrown the receipt away. Well, they took them back and gave me a check-ish thing I can use in that chain. But they didn't have my boots anymore. And I want my boots! Now! They were comfy and ...perfect!



  1. travel&living ftw!

    x-mas cards, should we take like the 9/12 or 15/12 and work like crazies? Bought all these things from Panduro because I thought I should try to make my own cards, much good that thinking has done me... ;)

  2. Problem is I have to send them out by the 10th :p So I'd like to do it asap. Waiting for refill of supplies, it's been sent already :)
    AND: I have to postpone another Christmas project that had deadline the 1st, due to my accident (I will still go through with it and submit later). I am planning to spend the next few days + weekend on working like crazy - so.. what do you say?

    Oh, I WILL take some time off to hunt for boots. Going to start calling shops today to ask for my boots. Puhlease give me my boots! :(

  3. Plus, my b-day party is the 15th.


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