Monday, 1 October 2007

A Month Later

Still not been blogging. Anywhere. Been busy at work, and I've been doing stuff after work some days (like going to the cinema). And N is still away during weeks, but I have a cat (which still hasn't got a name, but is being called Cat). I will try to post photos of him later.

I wrote a blog post in my notebook, but I never typed it in. Should, some day.

Apparently I ate something very very bad yesterday, cause I woke around 2 am and felt like I had a rock in my stomach, then spent the rest of the night being very sick in all ways and not getting much sleep. Feverish too. Got some sleep just before eight, but then I got up to call in sick (no way I could go to work in the shape I am in) and then it took a while before I could sleep again. Around noon I felt pretty good but now (around 5pm) I am a shivering wreck, like the very worst hangover. Weak as a kitten. I have eaten some bread (no cheese or anything, don't dare when I'm already sick), but I should probably eat again, yet I'm not sure I dare. Tea with real sugar perhaps, just to get some energy.

We did play board games that time, it was good, and T's dog also came along. She almost won.
The coming friday we are planning to play again, but with more people (yay!), and on Sunday mum is coming to help me buy stuff in ikea. Muahaha.

What else has happened? Christine has had some drama in her personal life and almost moved back to Norway, which scared me. But now she isn't moving anyway and I am very happy. <3

I'm trying to convince my plants that its not autumn at all and that they should go on flowering and living, with partial success. And I put up my telescope in the balcony, so if we have dark clear nights I can try to look at stuff up there. Wee.

And the dentist is still trying to kill me:
The regular dentist, H, said that she was sending my papers to the hospital about the surgery I probably have to do to get rid of the infection in my jaw, and that it would take something like three months until I heard from them. Last week I got a letter telling me to come there tomorrow! NO WAY! Partly I don't have that kind of money, partly I need those three months to convince myself I will survive. And I'm not even done with the stuff they do locally trying to fix me. Got to see another person, K, going there for the third time in two weeks. The first time with her I totally panicked, I started hyperventilating and the only thing I could think was "why am I breathing so strangely". She wants to send me to specialists so they can sleep me, but that costs a fortune and so I just have to really concentrate to not panick to convince her I can do this. The second time went better, but then I seemed to have some reaction to the local anaesthetics, so the area around my upper lips swelled, making me look like a simpson (eek). In addition I was bleeding in so many places (I'm not sure what she did to make that happen), having my mouth full of congealed blood cause there was too much for the suckythingie to deal with it, that I just wanted to go home and feel sorry for myself. Which I did. Sorry, boss!

Uh. Guess that is most of the update. I'll try to post some photos later. And perhaps that post about laziness I wrote.

Perhaps I'll make more tea now, and watch Amélie.


  1. Jag skulle tro att skivan tillhör Maria ...
    Kul med biljetter hit - du skulle älska bokaffären!!! I love it!
    Hoppas allt är bra med dig! Kramar!!

  2. jahaaa.. haha... där ser du att jag inte har någon aning om vad Prins Valiant är ;)
    Jag har faktiskt ingen aning om vems de kan vara... hoppas de hittar snart sin ägare.


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