Friday, 12 October 2007

The Definition of Freedom - Going to the Movies Alone?

So, seems I broke the last barrier and you can now put that official Loner-stamp on my files. Finally gave up waiting for someone I know to have the time to go and the wish to see the same movies I do, and went alone.

So. How was it?


But I decided it was a good experience, in the end. I quite like going alone. I didn't have the distraction of wondering what the other person was thinking, and I could have a nice walk home in the cold, without having to make small-talk about the movie. Or something like that. I felt quite free, anyway.

And feeling free and unencumbered is a good feeling.



  1. Yea, going alone to movies you really want to enjoy is a great thing to do, as then there won't be no one to spoil it and you definitely get the experience unshared, in a good way.
    Sure, going with company can be fun as well, but alone the experience is much more intense.

    I guess I'll be treating my new singleness with movie-visits in the future, just to remember how nice it was.

  2. Yea, by mutual agreement. Probably it was for better than worse.

    Now I just want to have a dog. And time for myself. And then a non-allergic boyfriend :D


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