Sunday, 19 August 2007


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  1. Aaargh. Ge mig inte dåliga idéer!

  2. Oh! Pretty!

    I would so much love to have a couch, but I don't think one would fit in here without me getting rid of some other furniture. Thus, I might be settling for big pillows on the floor for relaxing and such.
    But dunno, must see..

  3. I crave it. And its companions. But I'd have to convince N. to do something about the dark blue walls to be able to have black furniture without it looking totally mismatched. Thus, an expensive couch becomes even more expensive since redoing the walls would mean all-new furniture over-all. Let me win that big lotto-prize?

  4. You must come here! If I just get rid of half of the furniture I have now those would fit perfectly. And some white paint to the walls. High ceiling.... yay.

    Hum... When N is away so much, why don't we buy white paint and let ourselves loose? *evil grin*

  5. Don't tempt me. I have considered it. Many times and many late sleepless nights.

    Instead I will limit myself to fixing storage problems in the kitchen ("I Have A Plan v. 3.1").

    (v.1.* was getting some sort of cupboards/shelves/boxes whatever to put on top of the existing low cupboards. Got a big Denied on it, probably because I'd chuck out his beloved empty beer bottles.

    v.2.* was all about the wall that just has some hooks on it now, getting shelves/a cupboard/whatever. He accepted the idea in theory, but we could never agree upon an actual piece of furniture to put there.

    v.3.1 is about getting Billy-shelves with glass doors, and putting them on the "back of the fridge", that is in the dining room part. Lots of storage for not so much money, and it wont hurt so much to throw them out when/if we ever get money to redo the kitchen from scratch. ...or then I have future book-cupboards!)


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