Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Laalaaa? Guu!

I can only do baby talk at the moment, been to the dentist and got alot of anaesthetic in my lower mouth.

To comfort myself, I went and bought some plastic/fabric flowers to use as background when photoing jewellery and cards and such, so now I can attempt to get more artsy piccies when I am in the mood.

And when I came home, the Ikea catalogue was on my doormat! I have to order it so they will put my adress on it, else I don't get it - never gotten one without doing that. It's like the mailman knows I am not Swedish, and figures I don't deserve one. But now I will pretend to be a good little Swede and go sit in my sofa reading it! :D


  1. I read somewhere, that You know you are from Sweden when...

    # You grew up in a house looking exactly like as if it would have been in the IKEA-catalogue.

    # You know the names of a multitude of IKEA items.

    # You go seriously sentimental when entering an IKEA store, outside the borders of Sweden.

    I love IKEA!

  2. I can only do one of those (I know some ikea-furniture-names, mostly the names that correspond with places I've lived).


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