Thursday, 12 July 2007

The First Year

Last Sunday it was one year since I started this blog. Much have happened, though more did NOT happen, both for me personally and for my intentions when I started the blog.

Change of direction
The purpose has changed, as well as the title and url: When I first started out I wanted to focus on my photography, to make myself work more on that and possibly learn some editing (well, more than my clumsy attempts). I did actually learn alittle about using Curves in PS - a start I guess.. ;)

I had a goal of one good photo a week. Honestly, the only reason I managed for the first weeks was that I was dusting off old work. As winter approached and I never had time off during daylight hours anymore, I also let the idea slide, and let the blog become more of a random collection of ramblings, updates of my life, some book reviews, and a tiny little bit creative writing. During the past few months I have also got better at using illustrations for my entries, and found out that blogger doesn't really support many photos in one post.

New url
You might have noticed the redirection of the blogspot-link to my own domain? Feels good to have it in use again (even if it is still hosted by blogger), and though I had to go through some rather annoying stunts to get it renewed (due to suspicion about CC frauds), it is now mine for some years more.

Now, I just have to get hosting for some real homepages too, get a gallery up, where I can put most of my photos for your viewing pleasure.

Queen of Unfinished Projects
It was no surprise to me (and probably not for those that know me well either) that I couldn't follow through with my first good intentions. I always start new projects, get bored, have another great idea.. and so on in an eternal cycle.

This applies to offline things as well - everything from reading books (I have an uncounted number of half-read books with bookmarks in them in my shelves), to embroidery (a sometime obsession with me), to mending my clothes (soon more to mend than whole to wear), to reinstalling my computer (cough). Unfortunately, it also applies to things like tidying up the messes I create - I have the best intentions in the world, but there are so many more much more fun things to do.. "I'll do it soon, just this.."

What will happen? Hard to say. Activity here has risen steadily, and contrary to all expectations, getting another blog to update has made me post more here too. I might just have jinxed it with that proclamation though! Hopefully I will manage to write more creatively (I did get a notebook to carry with me to catch those fleeting thoughts, but after that I haven't come up with anything interesting to write), to post more photos, etc.

But I also want to get my homepage back up and running, so I can update more there and write less in the blog. A blog is limited, afterall - for instance I want to make a page with the things I make (postcards, bookmarks, jewellery, other), to see if it will attract attention. But then again, it might come to nothing.

Without the readers the blog wouldn't exist. Since march (when I started collecting statistics) I have had an average of 200 unique visitors each month. Far more than I expected and steadily rising (probably due to my activity). I wish more of you would comment though (even if you see me on irc or irl). Comments spawn more comments in my experience, and I like interactivity.

Also, you must not hesitate to tell me if you want me to write about or photo something you know I know something about or .. yea, whatever, you get my drift.


  1. I'll leave this as a comment instead of including it in the post: The reason I didn't post this Sunday was that my leg was hurting so much I was mostly thinking about doctors, how to get to the bathroom, wishing to wash my hair, and trying to distract myself by re-reading all the Pern-books (Which I am still doing for the same reason, but also because I really love them and they make me happy).

  2. I want to read all your Pern-books too!

  3. Haha :) You have to schedule a three day visit and plan not to speak much to me, or move, then ;)

  4. Loved our pics again :)


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