Friday, 15 June 2007


Friday afternoon, home from work, the busdriver was NOT insane this time (my busdrivers on friday usually are).

Relax for a bit more than an hour, then off to see Sunshine (I got 21 free tickets for the cinema from work - and, I kid you not, I don't think I have been to the cinema as much as 21 times in my entire life!).

Tomorrow is a free day, so I am making lunches for next week and trying to get some sewing done.

Then work sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday, and then my vacation begins and I don't have to work for over three weeks!! Yay!!

Well, about busdrivers.
Friday two weeks ago my busdriver home drove the wrong way, then he drove over some traffic cones, then at a turn he took down the road signs saying "stop". Nice.

This morning the busdriver stopped in the middle of an intersection, jumped out and started yelling at a random man in a red volvo that wanted to enter the road we were on from a side road. He then proceeded to drive the last few hundred meters to the next stop, where he yelled in broken Swedish: "Out, get out, change bus now!" ("oot, ni mås-te oot, byh-ta booss noo!")
We got off, and in a bonding moment me and another passenger looked at eachother in a WTF manner.. then stood around wondering what bus to take now (no other bus in sight). Then suddenly the driver yelled at us "Hey, you, get on, I continue!" (Chej, ni, stig på, jag åkha vidarre!").... Er, okey? Guess he just didn't like the face of some poor passenger..

Other bus annoyances is the road construction (or demolition, actually, so far) going on here, so there are always eternal queues.

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  1. wow... movie tickets?!? thats something new! But good... :)

    I am having my cousin here visiting me now... she is leaving on sunday, and belive me; it will be lonely when she is gone...

    I hope everything is just good with you!



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