Monday, 4 June 2007

The near past, what actually happened.

Apart from taking pictures of the cat and the busstop, I have felt fairly busy the past weeks (though activating a very energetic cat might have something to do with that).

Two weeks ago Mum was here, leaving Jonathan. That week I worked five days, had saturday off, then went back to work sunday and worked another six days. Friday was payday and the off-saturday we were barbequeing on our balcony, having Kajsa and Magnus over.

Thursday some friends came down from Ljusdal, they both had job interviews in Stockholm (at the company I work, actually - will be interesting to see the results, if any). They stayed friday (the interview day) and left around noon saturday, after a second trip to the mall to buy a pair of shoes the female part of the couple fell in love with. I got a pair too. And a pair the night before. And three pairs the week before.

*hrrm*. Let's hope my other half (I refuse to call him my better half - I am no worse than he) still isn't reading my blog. :D

Anyhow, sunday and this afternoon I have been sewing. No more details on the project will be given out, since it is to be a gift for a person that does read my blog.

I have read another Agatha Christie book, and I am in the middle of The Elephant Vanishes by Haruki Murakami, as well as "the Harsh Cry of the Heron" by Lian Hearn. I have also started rationing my books for summer, three weeks of off time coming up.

I have found out that according to Lånekassen a couple that lives together isn't counted as having a shared economy unless they have children together, and that it gets very hot indeed on our balcony on sunny days (melting candles..)

I also have hatched a realistic plan to put up the blinds out there, though they wont be hanging from the ceiling. But all shade is better than no shade, huh?

Oh and I got some new ear things again, beautiful - tiny black rings with steel balls for my five "normal" ear piercings, and buffalo plugs with swarowski insets for the stretched piercings. All black and silver. <3

Now I will go to bed. I am an extremely early sleeper - I need at least eight hours out cold, preferably ten, to be even half functionable in the daytime.

Oh, and I have decided a bus card is cheaper than walking through the mall every day. But worse for my health, probably.

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