Thursday, 17 May 2007

Open Letter to the Window Cleaner at the Mall

For the window cleaner at Kista Galleria this morning: I am sorry that I ignored you when you first said, bright and happy, "Good morning!" and when this got no response, a compassionate-sounding "Tired?".

You were perfectly friendly, but you were only too right - I was so tired I couldn't make my vocal chords work, far less come up with a proper response to something so friendly that early in the morning on what was supposed to be my day off (the person that was supposed to work this morning called and said she's not coming yesterday afternoon).

But you on the other hand, were probably up way before me, considering you had worked your way through almost half the windows inside the mall already - yet you managed to be friendly to a grumpy person wandering through at 0730 in the morning.

I am impressed. And I'll try to be friendly back next time.

Morning glory..

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  1. Hmmm jag tog en sväng till Kista igår. Med min ex-sambo. Han ville ha smakrå vi kom inte dit fören vid 18-tiden och fönsterputsaren ar borta ;-)


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