Sunday, 6 May 2007

Oniochalasia vs. the Library.

I read alot, as you might know. And I prefer buying my books, though sometimes I will borrow from friends. I used to adore the public libraries too, but the entire situation with me not having an ID card stops me from using those facilities (unless I want to sit there reading).

Recently I have read a mixture of old and new books - to make the new last longer I read every second or third book from my collection of oldies - most recently I have been chewing through my Agatha Christie collection.

Here is a list, in no particular order, of (some of the) books I have read the past few weeks or so:

  • Haruki Murakami - Dance Dance Dance: I am two thirds into it. Good stuff. Apart from the names, this could be anywhere - USA, Norway, Switzerland or, as it is, Japan. So don't be prejudiced. I think I will read more from this author, the humour combined with a worldview I recognize, with an added dash of the supernatural (warps in time and space, among other things), it is perfectly captivating.
  • Marian Keyes - Anybody Out There: Slightly painful, slightly funny, slightly comforting. It set off a whole little rant on my part, about death and loss.
  • Mercedes Lackey - One Good Knight: I love this. A parody upon all fairy-tale cliches you ever read, with a heroine I strongly identify with. She is a nerd ffs, thick glasses and all! If it was a movie chance is I would hate it though. But in book form, it totally charmed me.
  • Agatha Christie - Dumb witness, Peril at End House and The Mystery of the Blue Train: A.C. is always a safe option. You know what you get. And I think Poirot is hysterically funny.
  • Todd McCaffrey - Dragonsblood: The son has taken over the reins. I still don't know if I approve. But I must read all things that concern Pern, of course. However, I wanted more about the early days on Pern and he delivered that. I was far gone into that world for several hours.
  • Raymond Feist & Joel Rosenberg - Murder in LaMut: Uh. Nah. Doesn't click. Sorry. Nothing much to say about it.
  • David Gemmell - Hero in the Shadows: Tragic high fantasy. Pretty much as expected, but in the good way. Waylander resurfaces, and we also get more insight into Ustarte, the priestess.
  • P.D. James - Cover Her Face: I bought and read the Lighthouse early in the year, and whoa. A jewel. Cover Her Face is apparently her first novel, and she does get better with the years, but it is far from bad.
  • Marian Keyes - Further Under the Duvet: More chiclit, though in the shape of her journalism. Sharp satire over every day problems like bad hair days, make up addiction, shoe-oholism, not finding anything that looks good on ones round body in the fashion shops, the tediousness of flying, Russians, and more. Most adult females I know should be able to recognize themselves in this, and have some good laughs - and feel happy that other people have similar problems. And most men should be able to smile at recognitions too, either personal or their gf/sister/wife/friend/boss.

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