Monday, 30 April 2007

The Stink of New Ikea Furniture.

Onceupon a time, I was recommended by a very enthusiastic pet accessories shop clerk a brand of cat litter that was made out of ground spruce. Little pellets that dissolved when they got wet.

My cat hated it. I wasn't too fond of it either, as one couldn't claim - in all honesty - that it covered the stink of cat piss.

And the stink of cat piss got worse, since she hated it so much she went to piss on my shoes instead. (I found a use for it, pour it on the puddle on the floor, let it dissolve, wait five minutes, vacuum the resulting wood dust up.. a sweep with the mop to get rid of any residue, and done.)

Anyway. My point being. Most Ikea furniture is made of the same stuff those pellets were made of: Ikea furniture stinks like cat litter.


  1. I agree. And I've got the new couch to prove it. :)

  2. Haha :D I just have a shelf (on top of my desk) and a small chest of drawers.. (the drawers stink worst). But good that I'm not alone. New couch though? What happened with your Oh-so-comfy-one that Leo was refusing to part with for it's great quality as a bed?

  3. Det här kan jag verkligen inte hitta nån bra översättning för: Den var täckt av Chips snoppsnuvedroppar.
    Att tvätta den en gång i veckan med resten av tvätten kändes rätt jobbigt, så vi skaffade en i svart fuskskinn istället, som bara behövs torkas av.

  4. aaahh.. jo. jag förstår. :)


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