Sunday, 4 March 2007

Good read

I usually don't read things that can remind one of horror - dark evil stuff is just.. bad. Mystery books is about as evil and scary as I'll go (though I happily read mysteries/criminal novels).

I bought a book called "Bareback", from british author Kit Whitfield. It seems from some searching on amazon, that it has been republished under the name of "Benighted". It was another of my buys to fill up my "Buy 4 pay for 3" quota - other memorable random books I picked up have been "Rhapsody" (Elizabeth Haydon) and "Green Rider" (Kristen Britain), as well as more recently "Across the Nightingale Floor" (Lian Hearn).

"Bareback" is crime noir in all the senses of the term. It is an extremely well written mystery novel, set in a slightly alternative world where the vast majority of the people are werewolves. The ones with a birth defect making them unable to "fur up", are called "barebacks", one of many derogatory terms. These people have mandatory jobs: running the world on full moon nights, when everyone else turn into monsters. We follow Lola May, a bareback lawyer, as she gets a new case - defending the person that mauled her friend, who is soon after killed.

The book is extremely well written, and I was drawn into the emotions of what happene through the plot. There is plenty of drama and intrigue, as well as romance and of course the mystery of the crime.

All Lola wants is justice.. (and for the world to be a good place to live in).

Highly recommended.

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