Saturday, 17 February 2007

Stolen from someone that stole it from someone that had probably also stolen it from someone.

10 Favourites:
Colour: Black? I guess...
Food: probably the lasagne I makeself when I succeed. Except I can't eat it without getting sick.
Music: Most things that goes blip and blop and heaps of things that doesn't.
Film: Boondock Saints.
Book: Hard to choose just one. Actually I probably cannot.
Sport: Uhm. Whazzat? ;)
Season: Autumn.
Week day: Free days?
Ice cream flavour: Vanilla with chocolate chips/shavings.
Time of day: afternoon (especially afternoons I spend home alone).

9 Right now:
Mood: Slightly bored.
Taste: None. I could have tea, I suppose..
Clothes: Black pants, red top, black cardigan.
Background: Of what? My screen? A photo from Chromasia
Nail varnish: None.
Time: 16:07
Surroundings: Mother's living room.
Object of irritation: A headache I have had since we came here.

8 first:
Best friend: Christine
Screen name: Can't recall. Probably a name from a book or from roleplaying games.
Pet: Several - when I was a child there was a cat named Murre, a German Shepherd named Bamse (heh), and a streetmix named Lufs (because mother found it easier to say than Tufs). And then we had geese. Several other cats, dogs, some budgies, and a guinea pig are also central in my childhood.
Piercing: My nose when I was 14. Then three years later my ear lobes.
Love: I cannot recall, so presumely it wasn't serious.
Music: Uh.. the children's records I had when I was four? :)
Car: I don't even have a driver's license.
Kiss: A girl when I was 14

7 latest:
Cigarette: May 2005.
Food: Breakfast - dark unsweetened bread with cream cheese and danish salami.
Drink: Tea.
Car trip: When we came here late thursday. Or rather early Friday. *yawn*
Kiss: This morning when he wanted to say goodbye and I wanted to go back to sleep.
Played song: That I played.. or that mother played? She is currently playing Chris Rea for me.
Tv program: Local news last night, about rally.

6 Have you ever:
Dated any of your best friends:
No (not saying I didn't want to).
Broken the law: Yep.
Been arrested: I have been detained and questioned while they called in to check my ID (for what I don't know). Then I was allowed to go my own way.
Gone skinnydipping: No.
Been on TV: Not afaik.
Kissed someone you don't know: Oh yea.

5 No thanks:
Clothes: Too short skirts or too tight pants.
Food: All the food I cannot eat!
Music: Whatever my mother is playing now! (Not Chris Rea anymore)
Drink: Red wine (I become sick).
Personality Trait: Stupidity.

4 things:
You did last night: Had dinner, sprawled on the couch reading, took my medicines, went to bed early.
You can hear right now: Mother's music, her neighbour's dog crying, her mouseclicking while playing solitaire, my own typing.
You cannot live without: Air (the right mix of oxygen, nitrogen, noble gases and CO2), water (preferably clean), nutrition, affection.
You do when you are bored: If I am bored, I usually wind up buying something.. or reading another book.

3 persons:
You can tell everything to: Uhm. Me, myself and I?
You like: Nore, Michis, my brother
You don't like: Better not mentioned, they might take offence.

2 choices:
Coffee or tea:
Tea. Twinings Earl Grey, most of the time.
Spring or autumn: Autumn. Preferably a long one. It is the only season that is neither too hot nor cold for my asthma, and there is no pollen (most of the years).

1 Wish: For a magic fairy to give me lots (and I mean lots) of money, a new functioning body (that preferably also looks good), and super-intelligence. Oh. A realistic one? :/


  1. Du är ju redan superintelligent och absolutely fabulous!! ;)

  2. Men jag vill ju bli intelligentare! (Fast det kanske skulle räcka med några års utbildning. Men jag har inte råd att plugga mer.)


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