Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Elbows, stuff in the mail, and carved dragons.

So, apparently I have a tennis elbow. Without playing tennis. And NO, it is not a form for mouse arm either, it is the left elbow. Comes from lifting too heavy stuff and stretching everything that can be stretched in there. Luckily it will heal, but I feel rather bruised and sore today, after being poked and pinched and bent and cracked by the chiropractor yesterday afternoon. But it is better than it was before I was there, I can turn my head without pain again. My neck had locked up totally.

Apart from that, little going on. First day out of nine in a row spent at work. Hooray. Survived, so far so good. Taking it a bit cool this week, when I did ten days a couple of weeks ago, I was exhausted at the end. So I suppose I should pace myself, save some energy for the last four days.

Package day, got my shampoo (etc etc) and the replacement for the earplug* I lost down the drain while showering in the mail (from separate shops). Whee. Still waiting for my gorgeous moose horn carved dragon plugs!

Cute, huh?


* Of course I mean the piercing jewellery kind of ear plug, not the kind you use to shut out sounds.


  1. Hello...!
    Jag har nytt blogg, pga problem med mitt gamla

  2. Good that you made the footnote.. I was slightly wondering about how those would work as the traditional earplugs :)

  3. *giggle*

    Yea, I realised when I was mentally going through the post the morning after while walking to work. So I logged in briefly in a break and made a note about it :)


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