Sunday, 11 February 2007

The Boring Blog

For those who don't know me, and thus appreciate my ramblings and nonsense, I suspect this blog is none too interesting. After all, I present no strong opinions, I don't write about things that might upset people, and I don't have a topic, a red thread that I follow.

Am I as shallow as my blog?

I would like to think not.
Of course I would like to think not.
I am filled with strong opinions about this or that. But at some point it seems I stopped expressing these views. What happened? Did I stop caring, or did I merely realise noone listens?

Yet I find that I have strong opinions about most things. Sometimes so strong that I feel a surge of adrenaline as I realise that other people have differing opinions or refuses to see the good sense of mine (or are unable to do so due to their own stupidity). Crass, but honest. I am not perfect. Yet I think everyone should be allowed to express their own views. But never, never, inflict their views on others that might differ. Discussion is good, however. You might convince one person in a crowd that you are right, and if that person also convinces one, and so on, you might win the world over. Or?

I stopped discussing too.
Or rather, I only discuss with people I know do not have conflicting views on the things that matter to me. So that we can all agree together. Safe in my little world. I carefully probe people around me to find out what they think, before expressing myself too strongly.

I have been thinking about this a while, thinking about what to do with my blog. It strayed from being a place to post photographs, to a collection of random musings.
What triggered me to write about it just today? Maybe merely that there is time, a sunday morning, waiting for the washing machine to finish so I can hang my laundry.

So what should I do? Write posts with strong opinions? Can I still present a case, the way I was able to ten years ago? Am I still a strong enough writer, able to find the words and sentences needed?

Would you even read it?

Maybe I should just find a test with questions. Are you for or against abortion, what do you think about burning charcoal for electricity? Should we ban cars, is the road toll in Stockholm a good idea? What do you think of the new government, do you believe in God? Do making war have any sense behind it, or is it merely destructive?

And then I could post all the results here, together with test results telling what I think of hip hop, 50ies fashion, a book I read last week, and horror movies (which I hate, by the way).
Safe and easy.

Will you read it? Do you care?


  1. I do, I do!!!
    I think it is very important to write whatever you are thinking or wondering or realizing... When you write it down; you are making your thoughts alive somehow... You give life to your thoughts by giving them words and sentences. This is something I believe, and something I have thought about for a long time. Why would we otherwise be writing??
    So, I think that the main question is not whether people wants to read what you are writing or not, its more about "What thoughts of yours do you want to give life to?"

  2. Does that mean I stopped caring about giving life to my thoughts? I stopped writing, I stopped discussing with others irl.. I see it more as being afraid of confrontations than anything else.

  3. I would care to read.

    And now my two pennies considering this topic: Since I have been writing a webdiary/blogging from the autumn 2001 on, I've also thought about this subject several times.

    I'm sure I would have plenty to say, but I guess my problem is that nowadays I just don't want to debate in my blog.
    It's not actually about being right either, but just the nature of blogsphere and how people sometimes seem to attack random persons or interprete wrongly their writings.
    I'm slightly afraid also that if I bring my opinions for public, I expose myself for open critizism, and since the web is filled with morons, I'm not sure whether I want to read their opinions of my opinions.

    But something I truly miss, are a good discussions (especially irl) where the participants can disagree, but share the mutual silent agreement of tolerating also the opinions of others, which might have deep personal base, and manage to question, yet not attack / bash, those opinions in good manner, i.e. make people really think about their life through.

    And it could be as well that I'm afraid to show how ignorant I am about certain topics/generally, where other people seem to be able to represent numbers, names, facts and figures.
    So as long as I write about me and my "feelings", at least I know what I write about and no one can really tell that I'm wrong.


    -Hanna / edra

  4. Actually, that is pretty much how I feel. A very good summing up.

    However, I don't write much about my feelings either because they almost always involve other people, and thus, I am not sure how much I can expose without it becoming negative in one way or other.

    And to agree with you yet again: Yes, discussion among people I trust can be really nice. Maybe it is that I don't really trust many people anymore? At least I don't trust them to not think I'm stupid, or trust them not to be morons that start bashing irl (or even worse, behind my back).

    Hmh. Getting closer.

  5. Heh. Basically, my paranoia (see post with tests) keep me from writing too much.

  6. Yea, I try to avoid writing about anything that has anything to do with other people who could be more or less recognizable from my entry, or, people could misinterprete that they are the ones I'm displeased with, or even displeased about the fact that I just happen to mention them.

    Great reason to have LiveJournal, be able to lock entries and even filter some enteries within the ones that are shown just for friends.

    ...apart from thsoe entries, it's just plain boring haircut I write.


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