Saturday, 10 February 2007


It is saturday afternoon, and I am stuck at work.

Okay, so I'd not be doing anything fabulous or revolutionary if I was free to leave, probably nothing more exciting than doing some laundry, reading, or maybe watching some nature documentary on TV if I was feeling in a strange mood.

But being here..

Well. I have taken five incoming calls, answered all the emails.

So what do I do?
More tests, of course. Have to bore you all out of your minds by posting the results here. Because, we all know personality tests on the internet tells the truth!

Are you a slave to fashion?
Your score = 65
What does your score mean?
Looking good is important to you, but you don't go so far as to obsess over building the perfect wardrobe. You appreciate nice clothes and may even fall prey to the occasional trend (leg warmers or suspenders anyone?) but you're generally not a clothes snob. There are two main ideas governing your approach to fashion: the realization that appearance plays a key role in career and personal success, and the old adage "beauty is only skin deep". You do just enough to maintain your style without being an all-out stickler for every fashion rule or trend that comes along. In a nutshell, you're normal!

Well, that was comforting. I'm normal, do you hear that?

Do you have a sense of humor?
Your score = 45

What does your score mean?
Your sense of humor is pretty good. It may not be as wacky as that of some people (like us apparently) but you're pretty cool in our books! You can laugh at most things and maybe even get a kick out of the non-sense you say and do from time to time as well. Good for you! Hey, if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at right? Just kidding.


How paranoid are you?
Your score = 80
What does your score mean?
You're worried about what this result is going to say about you, aren't you? Well, let's not beat around the bush: you're paranoid. In most situations, your mind naturally wonders to the worst possible scenario - your friends are talking about you behind your back, someone is following you or tapping your phone, and your boss scheduling a one-on-one meeting means you're in deep doo-doo. Paranoia can stem from trust issues; when, for example, you get all worked up that your special someone is having an affair because they haven't called. It can also be a reflection of pessimism; you tend to think the worst and it leads to negative expectations. Paranoid thoughts can also come from flashes of insecurity; you wonder if you're good enough and feel anxious that others feel the same way. Overall, these feelings are generally not harmful if they are in moderation - in your case, however, they're a bit on the obsessive side. You should deal with some of the underlying issues before everyone starts talking about you -for real!

I know you are all after me.

How devoted are you?
Your score = 35

What does your score mean?
Your results showed that you are sometimes devoted, but other times you turn your back on loved ones... which is not necessarily a bad thing. Love is not blind for you, which means there is a certain line others can't cross and still expect to have your loyalty. You set boundaries, which sends the clear message that you won't put up with crap. This results in healthy devotion, as opposed to self-sacrificing submission. You've got a backbone and a heart!

I knew this. Next!

How "blonde" are you?
Your score = 60

What does your score mean?
Are you a strawberry or dirty blonde? There has got to be a few drops of blondeness in your genetic makeup, because you've got several of the typical blonde traits. Perhaps you exhibit the occasional ditzy behavior, or you choose to live by the motto "blondes have more fun". Whatever works for you! Just be careful not to let yourself fall too easily into a category. Show others that there is more to you than your hair color!

Hrm. I used to buy my artificial intelligence at the mall, in the "hair dyes" section.

How bitchy are you?
Your score = 60

What does your score mean?
While you're not completely bitchy, you're no saint either. You have the occasional flare up of nastiness, and have been known to stoop low to get what you want. Perhaps you've pulled some dirty tricks in the game of love, or you've gotten huffy with friends when things are not going your way. Whatever the dirty deed, the root of your behavior could be a plain old-fashioned bad mood - it happens to the best of us, but just be careful not to let it happen too often. If, on the other hand, your malice is intentional and calculated, then you should rethink your attitude. You may be making some enemies!

Actually.. I don't think I have ever been evil on impulse. Only calculated. Scarily enough.

How forgetful are you?
Your score = 60

What does your score mean?
Your memory comes and goes, depending on the situation or the number of things distracting you. You don't have a horrible memory, but you definitely find yourself in the occasional sticky situation due to a brief episode of forgetfulness. So why are you able to recall some things, while other times you draw a blank? Memory is a complex phenomena that is influenced by a wide range of factors - stress, for example, can make us forgetful, as can lack of sleep or simply too may things on our minds. The good news is that we can easily improve our memories by learning and practicing specific techniques. Make the effort and you'll definitely see the payoff!

It is only through my efforts that I forget as little as I do. Reminder notes to myself FTW! Today, I forgot to bring batteries for my mouse here at work, so.. hrm. Well, the story is longer, I realised this morning that I had forgotten to charge said batteries, so I put them in the charger, but forgot them there when I left. I did however remember to post the package I have been forgetting for some weeks!

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