Thursday, 25 January 2007

Oniochalasia II

I get strange obsessions (meaning I buy things looking alike. I'll get back to this later on). Lately I have been looking for the perfect bag for my makeup (and, when travelling, shampoo, hairbrush, toothbrush, etc). I have seen several that was tempting, some expensiver than others.

In the end, as a birthday gift to myself, I invested in this one. Many small pockets inside (some of which can be removed and brought along separately), black, etc. Not exactly what I wanted (I wanted one that could hang on the wall from a built-in hook) but close enough to perfect for my needs.

Then, today, I entered a shop.. and saw this. Almost exactly the same, including the removable zippered pockets inside. But it is in black pvc with cute skulls! <3 It is lined with black satin with red skull print. Really cute. There was more bags in the same series but I managed to only get this one. If I want to look gothy I can even use it as a handbag!! But did I need it? Probably not. I mean, it is the same thing basically. Though at like.. a third of the price. Which I used to justify the buy, of course. Not that big an expense anyway.

Anyhow, obsessions.

Last winter I really liked that deep torquoise colour often called "petrol" (and I also liked cerise). Luckily I snapped out of this before getting more than a petrol sleeveless top and a soft boucle sweater (and one cerise top which I rarely use). I still really like the colour but it is sortof.. bright. And it wouldn't do to have an entire wardrobe in that colour.

Right now it is dots. Small dots, not the big bomb ones. Specifically, red or black with white dots or pale pink with black dots. So now I have matching socks (and knee socks, shown below), a small purse and an umbrella. I have managed to stick with black so far, knowing I am unlikely to use red or pink much even though I "really really like it". Only the fact that I am too overweight (let's face it, fat!) to buy clothes unless I go to the fat-lady department (which has very few clothes I can imagine myself wearing), has kept me from having tops and blouses and skirts matching all this. Spots! Spots! :D


  1. I know I misspelled turquoise, I saw it immediately after posting, but I keep getting weird error messages when I try to edit the post. So live with it!

  2. Hei hei - ikkje uvanleg å ende opp på masse ting, tang og klær i samme sjanger.....trur eg har ein million svarte likar "prikkedilla" di:D Prikker er gøy!! (og som du seier - ikkje dei store blobbane!!!)
    Kristine xxoo

  3. you would love my white top with tiny black spots...!

  4. I've got the same kind of socks than you do! \o/

    I have the same kind of obsession as well.

    And I got a skirt with those dots on last summer as well.

    ...Don't we have just the best taste in obsessions! :)


  5. We do, but that is nothing new I suppose! :-D


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