Sunday, 6 August 2006

To find time for it all

What I did do this weekend:
  • Cook 2 lbs of chicken fillets (80% meat according to tho package - I presume the rest was water, it usually is. But I will not rant about cheating grocers.)
  • Cook a large kettle of beans, and one with peas. For my freezer, makes cooking quicker later (for those not in the know, it takes some hours of watering them out, then of boiling them).
  • Spend time with Skid. Yay!
  • Test the grill Tru left me with the flat (spicy sausages, corn cobs and pineapple on the grill and baking potatoes and an onion in the coals).
  • Sleep (amazingly enough)
  • Bake an apple pie. Yay 2!
  • Clean the bathroom and the kitchen.
  • Mend a top that had lost its button (which reminds me, I have more buttons lying about that need to be reattached).
  • Spend some time with my plants (the only one which is dying is a cactus. Everything else thrives.)
  • Cut my right thumb and my left palm.
  • Sort all my clothes except the ones that are in boxes in the attic. Result: Two banana boxes of clothes and one of shoes/boots to sell/give away.

What did I not do that I should have done:
  • Finish the painting I started earlier in the week and was intending to photo and post here.
  • Photo.
  • Drink my bottle of wine that I had chilled.
  • Test my new sewing machine.
I am sure I forgot something.

My apologies for my lack of diligence with the photos - but life sort of takes over at times.

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  1. Många yay!! för äppelpajen!!! Supergott!


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