Monday, 7 August 2006

Balloons and Painting

So. What happened shortly after I wrote last night's post, was that as I was taking the garbage out I saw a hot air balloon real close up, with the sun from the right angle and all. So I ran in after my camera, but found that the battery was totally dead. Charged it for two minutes, then ran out hunting the balloon.. in slippers. I don't come far before I see another balloon even closer, but it disappears down behind the trees some distance away before I get in range. The first balloon was a bit too far away, and I now had the sunset against me, but well.. here is what I got. (Click to enlarge).

Today I finished the painting, I think. You never know.
This is a horrible photo, wet paint, too bad lighting and the flash being too unflattering, but well, it's what I got. This is the first I have painted since christmas '04.

I wanted to make a white painting. I failed badly.
Woman in a park at night.
I think it maybe looks like she is growing out of the water, or standing in it. The painting is darker than it looks here, though.


  1. It looks like the woman in your painting is trying to hide something from the light ... and I dont know varför jag skriver på engelska...
    Men - hon är vänd mot ljuset, och föröker dölja eller gömma något... det är vad jag ser. Och det fantastiska är ju att alla ser vad de egentligen vill se... tror jag.
    I might have totally wrong.

  2. Jag tycker om!
    Vill inte analysera - TYCKER OM!


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